Virtualise any member of the Microsoft® Windows® family from Windows Server® 2008 R2 to Windows® 7 with flexible performance tailored to suit your application.

Additional IPv4 and production ready, native IPv6 addresses are available on request.

Why Virtualise?

Are you looking at a dedicated server or colocation plan but don't want to deal with the hardware? Are you unsure how much performance you need for your server application? From development to production, virtual servers provide an economical and flexible alternative to a physical server.

VMware Virtualisation Options

RAM1 GiB48 GiB+
Disk Space20 GiBMultiple TiB+
Networking1 IPv4 addressMultiple private VLANs, IPv4 and IPv6 address assignments.
LicencingUser suppliedSPLA Licencing for all Microsoft® products
Traffic and Bandwidth5GiBDedicated bandwidth with unmetered traffic

Operating System Support

All Microsoft® Windows® Server and Desktop products are supported.

GNU/Linux, *BSD and other x86 operating systems can also be supported. Contact us for more information.

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