xDSL Services

Unleash xDSL services are designed to meet the demanding needs of today's businesses, and include a number of market-leading features.

  • All services run at full line rate, with ADSL2+ supported wherever the technology is available.
  • Interleaving can be enabled or disabled on request.
  • No traffic management or shaping policies.
  • Static IP addresses are supplied as a standard feature.
Quality Commitment

Our ADSL services are delivered using the best available technology at your local exchange, with a maximum download speed of 24Mbps for ADSL2+ enabled exchanges. However, real world speeds are affected by a number of factors including your distance from the exchange, the number of other users, and the equipment used in your local network.

It is our standard practice to give a speed estimate during the sign up process. We are committed to providing the highest quality xDSL service possible, and believe that DSL doesn't need to be a second rate service.


DSL is our most widely available service and can be supplied to almost any location in New Zealand.

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