Ethernet Services

Unleash Ethernet services are our highest performance, most reliable, and most flexible internetworking solution. We can deliver Ethernet services from 128kbps up to 1Gbps, and even higher bandwidths are possible for localised circuits.

  • Ethernet is the same technology used in local networks; it's simple, reliable, and extremely fast.
  • An Ethernet service can be used for high speed access to the internet or for connectivity between physically distant sites (several branch offices, for example).
  • In almost all cases Unleash Ethernet services support VLAN tagging allowing traffic to be logically separated within the network.
  • Ethernet services are always delivered into your premises using the familiar RJ45 connector, allowing a wide range of choices of high performance routers.
  • We can create extended private networks incorporating Ethernet as well as other types of service, connecting multiple sites and equipment hosted in our data centres.
  • It is easy to provide redundancy using multiple Ethernet connections.

Unleash Ethernet services are delivered using a range of different technologies. Ethernet services at 100Mbps or higher are delivered using fibre optic cable where possible. In many cases we can provide Ethernet over Digitial Microwave Radio with our local infrastructure. As a final option, most of the country may be serviced at up to 10Mbps using a type of DSL called G.SHDSL.bis.


Ethernet services are widely available in all major New Zealand cities and towns however delivery technologies, installation costs and lead times can vary. Please contact us for more information.


Ethernet has a complex pricing structure, and we encourage you to discuss you particular needs with our sales consultants.

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Prices quoted are exclusive of GST. All Ethernet services are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.