Internet Access

By leveraging fibre optic, digital microwave radio, and xDSL last-mile technologies Unleash provides high-speed, high-quality connections to the internet.

In addition to traditional IPv4 connectivity, Unleash offers IPv6 connections and address assignments now.

  • Tailor your costs exactly to your bandwidth requirements. Purchase bandwidth by-the-megabit with customisable pricing and configuration for independent National and International bandwidth.
  • Make the best of bandwidth and latency intensive applications with ultra-low latencies to domestic destinations.
  • Add flexibility with burstable bandwidth to enhance the performance of bursty bulk transfer protocols such as HTTP.
  • Symmetric bandwidth overcomes limitations inherent in traditional ADSL and cable connections.
  • Purchase as little as 10 GiB per month, or scale up to a flat-rate traffic plan and forget about per-GiB traffic charges.
  • Through the use of our nationwide network we guarantee the highest possible quality of service.
  • Connect with Unleash in most New Zealand cities.

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